Washington Potato Growers Care

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Washington Potato Growers Care
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Agriculture is a major industry in the Evergreen State, and the potato industry alone creates 36,000 jobs throughout Washington while contributing $7.4 billion dollars to the state’s economy. Washington Potato Growers on average raise 170,000 acres of potatoes annually, on soil supporting the nation’s highest per-acre potato yields, which are 44% higher than the U.S. average. Without a doubt, Washington potatoes are a huge industry and can impact our state’s economy in many ways. The Washington State Potato Commission is dedicated to sustainability and protecting the environment. Every year we commit nearly one million dollars to advance the environmentally safe production of potatoes by funding research to improve pest management practices, characterize soils that suppress harmful plant pathogens and nematodes, and generate potatoes that are resistant to pathogens and produce a better French Fry through plant breeding. If we continue to make advancements our growers will manage their land sustainably for years to come while providing jobs and fueling the economy. We are aware of how important our environment is and hope that our research will continue to uncover more information on how farmers can protect our resources while producing high quality Washington Potatoes.



Thursday, 08 February 2018

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