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With harvest in full swing, make sure you are being courteous and sharing the road with large farm vehicles! Follow the tips below and make the roads a safe place for everyone.

1. Drive defensively- Recognize that you're in an agricultural environment where you might encounter these types of vehicles.

2. Slow down and stay back- Farm vehicles are almost always traveling at slow speeds. Be cautious and stay about 50 feet away from the truck at all times.

3. Pass carefully- Wait for a safe passing zone, signal properly, and watch for oncoming traffic. If a vehicle is extra-wide, wait until they pull over to pass them.

4. Yield- Give farm vehicles the right of way when traveling in opposite directions. If possible, pull over onto the shoulder to allow the farm vehicle to pass.

5. Be patient- A driver may appear to be pulling to the right to let you pass when he or she is actually making a wide left-hand turn. Before speeding past, look for driveways, roads or fields where the vehicle might be entering.

6. Take a second look- Tall crops can create blind spots, make sure you take a second look to make sure your path is clear and no farm vehicles have entered the roadway.



Thursday, 05 September 2019

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