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Hello everyone! WSPC is back at it again with another Bloomsday Tradeshow & Race in the books. On May 5th-7th we were in Spokane, Washington for this fun event. We enjoy participating in this event with the purpose of coming together as a community to support healthy lifestyles for our youth, families, and athletes. We as sponsors have the opportunity to share etiquette information, recipes, fresh potatoes and athletic gear to support the Spokane athletes. We enjoy giving out supplies to educate our community about how potatoes are a good source of intake for our body’s health. At the show we passed out free produce bags filled with high-quality spuds, cooling towels for the hot weather, recipe cards to try at home and backpacks to store all your goodies in. We gave away a total of 1,200 clear backpacks of potatoes with 3,750lbs of a variety of red, yellow and russet potatoes. Athletes found our information very interesting as it plays a big role in their health benefits. Everyone was excited to see us handing our health cards for them to carb up for the 7.5 mile run and to sign up for Team Potato.  We had multiple new members sign up. If you are interested in signing up for Team Potato you can click here. These nutritious Washington Potatoes have complex carbs, potassium, fiber, protein, vitamin C and B6 which helps fuel the athletes. Plus, the significant amount of potassium and carbohydrates in a potato allows for energy boosts and quick muscle recovery! Potatoes contain no fat, cholesterol, sodium, or gluten, making them the perfect superfood for athletes! Potatoes are easy and fast to cook, and they make a perfect side dish for your meals. Check out the Nutrition and Lifestyle tab on our website to learn more about the ways potatoes can benefit your health and what they have to offer for your body’s health!



Friday, 05 May 2023