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How Might Your Life Be Without Potatoes?

It’s possible you’ve never thought to ask such a question — Maybe because you don’t spend much time thinking about potatoes or how they might just play a larger part in our lives. It’s possible that potatoes have a larger impact on you and your life than you know.

Did you know that it has taken great innovation to bring Washington to the status of the largest potato producer in the U.S.?

Did you know that the growth of Washington state as a contributor and civil partner, as well as its ability to grow crops, is intricately woven with the acquisition and implementation of proper irrigation for potatoes and other crops?


The potato has endured famines, sustained armies, and built civilizations.

It set a template for modern agriculture and shifted the balance of power in Europe. It is the one plant associated with imperishable hope. Like faith, its reward stretches into the world as a symbol of bounty unseen, but dependable.

Today, Washington is home to some of the best potatoes in the world, thanks to a foundation built by committed forerunners. A century ago farmers jeopardized their families’ livelihood one spring at a time, one crop at a time, in the hopes of hitting it big each year.

In the Skagit Valley of Washington, farmers gambled that below the water of the bogs precious soil would create a garden paradise. In the central Washington basin, farmers risked everything they had on the chance of water coming from miles away to make the desert bloom.

The Gamble is a 60-minute documentary that explores the personal stories of farm families and their heritage. Through the colorful and touching stories of those who have endured the evolution of the industry, we learn firsthand the true grit that it took to survive and prosper. Featuring narration by Emmy Award winning actor Peter Coyote, exclusive interviews from farmers and historians, archival footage and photographs, The Gamble tells the story of this special crop and the impact it had on the history and culture of the 42nd state.


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