January 25th-28th, 2021

General Sessions

January 25

1:00 pm       Ag Innovation Session

Summaries included for talks relevant to pesticide applicator credits

January 26

7:55 am   The Weed Link in Zebra Chip Epidemiology: A 2020 Update, Rodney Cooper, USDA-ARS, Wapato, WA

8:25 am   Looking at Potato Sugars Two Ways, Paul Bethke, USDA-ARS, Madison, WI

8:50 am   Potato Bruise and Quality, Nora Olsen, U. of Idaho Kimberly

9:15 am   Phosphorous Acid - The Swiss Army Knife for Pink Rot and Late Blight, Jeff Miller, Miller Research, Rupert, ID

9:40 am Break, peruse the trade show

10:20 am   Suppression of Diseases Using Crop Rotation, Ken Frost, OSU Hermiston

10:45 am  Yellow Nutsedge: A Review of Biology, Spread, and Control, Joel Felix, OSU Ontario

11:10 am   Why is it so Difficult to Control Colorado Potato Beetle? Tim Waters and Alan Schreiber, WSU Extension, Pasco and Ag Development Group, Inc., Eltopia, WA

11:35 am   Keeping Pesticides Off the Plate - The Importance of Following the Label, Jeff Miller, Miller Research, Rupert, ID

12 noon   Adjourn, visit the tradeshow!

January 27

7:55 am   A Multifaceted Approach to Characterizing and Addressing Field Greening of Potato in Washington State, Joe Townsend, WSU Pullman

8:25 am   Cover Crop Mixtures vs. Monocultures: What are the Research Results? Andy McGuire, WSU Extension, Moses Lake

8:50 am   Potato Nutrient Uptake in Manured Systems: Findings of a Six-Year Study in Southern Idaho, Amber Moore, OSU Corvallis

9:15 am   Variations in Management Practices of Popular Cultivars, Rhett Spear, U. of Idaho, Aberdeen

9:40 am Break, peruse the trade show.

10:20 am   A Continuing Saga: Whole vs. Cut Potato Seed, Mark Pavek, WSU Pullman

10:45 am   Estimating the Economic Impacts of Sucking Insects in Potato Crops and Calculating Returns from Investment in Integrated Pest Management, Gina Greenway, Greenway Consulting, Idaho

11:10 am Common Mistakes Observed During Inspections and Investigations: The Perspective of a WSDA Pesticide Compliance Investigator, Tom Hoffmann, WSDA, Moses Lake

11:35 am Biocontrol Agents for Postharvest Diseases of Potatoes: Discovery, Development, and Closing the Gaps, Patricia J. Slininger, USDA-ARS, Peoria, IL

12 noon Adjourn, visit the tradeshow!

Industry Updates 

1:00 pm Oregon Potato Commission Update, Gary Roth

1:20 pm Washington State Potato Commission Update, Chris Voigt

1:40 pm NPC Washington Update and Potato LEAF and Leadership Update, Kam Quarles and Mike Wenkel

2:00 pm Potatoes USA Update, John Toaspern

2:20 pm Sustainability and the Potato Industry: How the industry is working together to meet customer and consumer demands, Laura Scandurra, Potato Sustainability Alliance

2:40 pm Q&A as a group

3:00 pm Adjourn

January 28

7:55 am   Potato Mop-Top Virus and the New USDA Specialty Crop Research Initiative Project, Alex Karasev, U. of Idaho, Moscow

8:25 am   The Warfare Between Potato and Potato Virus Y: What are the Genes Involved and Can We Use Them for Building Up Resistance? Aymeric Goyer, OSU Hermiston

8:50 am   The Use of Spore Trapping for the Early Warning of Potato Diseases, James Woodhall, U. of Idaho, Parma

9:15 am   Late Blight Forecasting in the Columbia Basin of Washington: Past, Present, and Future, David Wheeler, WSU Pullman

9:40 am   Break, peruse the trade show

10:20 am   The Effects of Reduced Late-Season Irrigation on Potato and How It Relates to Evapotranspiration across Varieties, Francisco Gonzalez, WSU Pullman

10:45 am   L&I’s Response to COVID19/What is DOSH? David Conley, Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries, Olympia

11:10 am   The Role of Nematodes in Potato Soil Health, Inga Zasada, USDA-ARS, Corvallis, OR

11:35 am   Exploring the Causes of Fusarium Dry Rot in the Northwest, Kasia Duellman, U. of Idaho, Idaho Falls

12 noon   Adjourn, visit the tradeshow!


Missed the sessions? Watch the recordings here!

Ag Innovation 1:00pm - Kit Galvin - YouTube

Ag Innovation 1:30pm - Mike Griffel - YouTube

Ag Innovation 2:00pm - Lior Goren-Ruck - YouTube

Ag Innovation 2:30pm Trevor Mecham - YouTube

Tuesday General Sessions:

Tuesday Sessions 8:00am - Rodney Cooper - YouTube

Tuesday Sessions 8:25am Paul Bethke - YouTube

Tuesday Session 8:50am - Nora Olsen - YouTube

Tuesday Sessions 9:15 - Jeff Miller - YouTube

Tuesday Sessions 10:20am - Kenneth Frost - YouTube

Tuesday Sessions 10:45am - Joel Felix - YouTube

Tuesday Sessions 11:10am - Tim Waters and Alan Schreiber - YouTube

Tuesday Sessions 11:22am - Alan Schreiber - YouTube

Tuesday Sessions 11:35am - Jeff Miller - YouTube

Spanish Session:

Spanish Session 1:05pm - YouTube

Spanish Session 2:25pm - Jaime Ramon - YouTube

 Potato Cultivar:

Cultivar 1:50pm - Jeff Endelman - YouTube

(1) Cultivar 2:40pm - Sagar Sathuvalli - YouTube

 Wednesday General Sessions:

Wednesday Sessions 8:00am - Joe Townsend - YouTube

Wednesday Sessions 8:25am - Andy McGuire - YouTube

Wednesday Sessions 8:50am - Amber Moore - YouTube

Wednesday Sessions 9:15am - Rhett Spear - YouTube

Wednesday Sessions 10:20am - Mark Pavek - YouTube

Wednesday Sessions 10:45am - Gina Greenway - YouTube

Wednesday Sessions 11:10am Tom Hoffman - YouTube

Wednesday Sessions 11:35am - Patricia Slininger - YouTube

 Industry Updates:

Industry Updates 1:40pm - Kam Quarles & Mike Wenkel - YouTube

Industry Updates 2:00pm - John Toaspern - YouTube

Industry Updates 220pm - Laura Scandurra - YouTube

Thursday General Sessions:

Thursday Sessions 8:00am - Alex Karasev - YouTube

Thursday Sessions 8:25am - Aymeric Goyer - YouTube

Thursday Sessions 9:15am - David Wheeler - YouTube

Thursday Sessions 10:20am - Francisco Gonzalez - YouTube

Thursday Sessions 10:45am - David Conley - YouTube

Thursday Sessions 11:35am - Kasia Duellman - YouTube





Cultivar Session: 2.5 Crop Management credits
Tues General Session: 0.5 Crop Management, 2.5 Pest Management
Wed General Session:1.0 Crop Mgmt, 1.0 Pest Mgmt, 0.5 Soil and Water
Thurs General Session: 2.0 Pest Mgmt, 0.5 Soil and Water

Tues 1pm-3pm: 2 Credits
Tues General Session: 3 Credits
Wed General Session: 3 Credits
Thurs General Session: 3 Credits

Idaho Pesticide Recertification Credits have been applied for.

Oregon Pesticide Recertification Credits have been applied for.