Wednesday, January 26, 2022

7:30 am: Continental Breakfast – Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick

Carrie Wohleb, Moderator

7:55 am: Welcome

8:00 am: Potato Cultural Management in Extreme Heat, Mark Pavek, WSU Pullman

8:25 am: Postharvest Responses to Heat Stress, Jacob Blauer, WSU Pullman

8:50 am: National Potato Council Update, Kam Quarles, CEO

9:15 am: All About Potato Dry Rot, Gary Secor, North Dakota State University

9:40 am: Break

9:55 am: Meet the Enteros, Gary Secor, North Dakota State University

10:20 am: Oregon Potato Commission Update, Gary Roth, Executive Director

10:40 am: Washington State Potato Commission Update, Chris Voigt, Executive Director

11:00 am: Keynote cooking lecture and demonstration, RJ Harvey, Potatoes USA, Denver

12:00 pm: Adjourn

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm: Hosted Potato Bar, Trade Show, Convention Center

Sagar Sathuvalli, Moderator

1:00 pm: Fusarium Dry Rot Pathogens in the Pacific Northwest and Their Aggressiveness to Selected Potato Varieties, Christy Christian, University of Idaho, Idaho Falls

1:25 pm: Potato leafroll virus (PLRV): biology, management, and new research effort, Gina Angelella, USDA-ARS, Wapato, WA

1:50 pm: Water Challenges and Opportunities in Agriculture, Derek Sandison, Director, Washington State Department of Agriculture, Olympia

2:15 pm: Potato Markets and Potatoes USA Update, John Toaspern, Chief Marketing Officer

2:40 pm: Break

2:55 pm: The Future of Potato Nematode Control, Alan Schreiber, Agriculture Development Group, Eltopia, WA

3:20 pm: Potato Sustainability Alliance Update, John Mesko, Executive Director

3:45 pm: Fundamentals of RNA Interference (RNAi) in Potato Pest Management, Russ Groves, University of Wisconsin, Madison

4:10 pm: The Effect of Polyphenol Additions on Microbial Performance and Potato Yield in Low Organic Matter Soils, Isabel Christy, OSU Corvallis

4:35 pm: Adjourn

Thursday, January 27, 2022

7:30 am: Continental Breakfast – Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick

Ken Frost, Moderator

8:15 am: Welcome

8:20 am: Calibrating Soil Health Assessments for PNW Potato Soils and Systems, Deirdre Griffin LaHue, WSU Mount Vernon

8:45 am: Extended Diapause in Colorado Potato Beetle – A Continuing Management Challenge, Russ Groves, University of Wisconsin, Madison

9:10 am: Demystifying Pesticide Label Instructions, and What to do When you Can’t, Ethan Estalilla, WSDA Moses Lake

9:35 am: Does an Enhanced IPM Program Reduce Insecticides without Risking Yield and Quality? Tim Waters, WSU Extension, Pasco, and Alan Schreiber, Agriculture Development Group, Eltopia, WA

10:00 am: Break

10:15 am: Evaluation of Potassium Requirement for Different Potato Varieties, Ray Qin, OSU Hermiston

10:40 am: Update on Tri State Cultivars and PVMI, Jeanne Debons, PVMI, Bend, OR

11:05 am: Induced Genetic Variation in Potatoes: Application of Mutation Breeding in the Genomics Era, Sagar Sathuvalli, OSU Hermiston

11:30 am: Nutsedge Management. Only you can prevent nutsedge! Tim Waters and Carrie Wohleb, WSU Extension

11:55 am - 1:00 pm: Hosted Luncheon, Convention Center

Tim Waters, Moderator

1:00 pm: Potato Surface Blemish Diseases, Chakradhar Mattupalli, WSU Mount Vernon

1:25 pm: OSHA Temporary Wildfire Smoke and Heat Rules, Dan Kermoyan, Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety, OSU Corvallis

1:50 pm: It's Significant to Me! Making Sense of Agricultural Variability, Statistics, and On-Farm Research, Jeff Miller, Miller Research, Rupert, ID

2:15 pm: Break

2:30 pm: Concepts Associated with Sensing Applications for Potato Crop Assessment and Management, Sindhuja Sankaran, WSU Pullman

2:55 pm: Managing Field Stress in Storage, Nora Olsen, University of Idaho, Kimberly

3:20 pm: Proper Potato Irrigation During Extreme Heat, Francisco Gonzalez, WSU Pullman

3:45 pm: Overview of the New Online Potato Decision Aid System for the Northwest, Dave Crowder, WSU Pullman

4:10 pm: Adjourn


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