January 25th-28th, 2021

General Sessions

January 25

1:00 pm       Ag Innovation Session

Summaries included for talks relevant to pesticide applicator credits

January 26

7:55 am   The Weed Link in Zebra Chip Epidemiology: A 2020 Update, Rodney Cooper, USDA-ARS, Wapato, WA

8:25 am   Looking at Potato Sugars Two Ways, Paul Bethke, USDA-ARS, Madison, WI

8:50 am   Potato Bruise and Quality, Nora Olsen, U. of Idaho Kimberly

9:15 am   Phosphorous Acid - The Swiss Army Knife for Pink Rot and Late Blight, Jeff Miller, Miller Research, Rupert, ID

9:40 am Break, peruse the trade show

10:20 am   Suppression of Diseases Using Crop Rotation, Ken Frost, OSU Hermiston

10:45 am  Yellow Nutsedge: A Review of Biology, Spread, and Control, Joel Felix, OSU Ontario

11:10 am   Why is it so Difficult to Control Colorado Potato Beetle? Tim Waters and Alan Schreiber, WSU Extension, Pasco and Ag Development Group, Inc., Eltopia, WA

11:35 am   Keeping Pesticides Off the Plate - The Importance of Following the Label, Jeff Miller, Miller Research, Rupert, ID

12 noon   Adjourn, visit the tradeshow!

January 27

7:55 am   A Multifaceted Approach to Characterizing and Addressing Field Greening of Potato in Washington State, Joe Townsend, WSU Pullman

8:25 am   Cover Crop Mixtures vs. Monocultures: What are the Research Results? Andy McGuire, WSU Extension, Moses Lake

8:50 am   Potato Nutrient Uptake in Manured Systems: Findings of a Six-Year Study in Southern Idaho, Amber Moore, OSU Corvallis

9:15 am   Variations in Management Practices of Popular Cultivars, Rhett Spear, U. of Idaho, Aberdeen

9:40 am Break, peruse the trade show.

10:20 am   A Continuing Saga: Whole vs. Cut Potato Seed, Mark Pavek, WSU Pullman

10:45 am   Estimating the Economic Impacts of Sucking Insects in Potato Crops and Calculating Returns from Investment in Integrated Pest Management, Gina Greenway, Greenway Consulting, Idaho

11:10 am Common Mistakes Observed During Inspections and Investigations: The Perspective of a WSDA Pesticide Compliance Investigator, Tom Hoffmann, WSDA, Moses Lake

11:35 am Biocontrol Agents for Postharvest Diseases of Potatoes: Discovery, Development, and Closing the Gaps, Patricia J. Slininger, USDA-ARS, Peoria, IL

12 noon Adjourn, visit the tradeshow!

Industry Updates 

1:00 pm Oregon Potato Commission Update, Gary Roth

1:20 pm Washington State Potato Commission Update, Chris Voigt

1:40 pm NPC Washington Update and Potato LEAF and Leadership Update, Kam Quarles and Mike Wenkel

2:00 pm Potatoes USA Update, John Toaspern

2:20 pm Sustainability and the Potato Industry: How the industry is working together to meet customer and consumer demands, Laura Scandurra, Potato Sustainability Alliance

2:40 pm Q&A as a group

3:00 pm Adjourn

January 28

7:55 am   Potato Mop-Top Virus and the New USDA Specialty Crop Research Initiative Project, Alex Karasev, U. of Idaho, Moscow

8:25 am   The Warfare Between Potato and Potato Virus Y: What are the Genes Involved and Can We Use Them for Building Up Resistance? Aymeric Goyer, OSU Hermiston

8:50 am   The Use of Spore Trapping for the Early Warning of Potato Diseases, James Woodhall, U. of Idaho, Parma

9:15 am   Late Blight Forecasting in the Columbia Basin of Washington: Past, Present, and Future, David Wheeler, WSU Pullman

9:40 am   Break, peruse the trade show

10:20 am   The Effects of Reduced Late-Season Irrigation on Potato and How It Relates to Evapotranspiration across Varieties, Francisco Gonzalez, WSU Pullman

10:45 am   L&I’s Response to COVID19/What is DOSH? David Conley, Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries, Olympia

11:10 am   The Role of Nematodes in Potato Soil Health, Inga Zasada, USDA-ARS, Corvallis, OR

11:35 am   Exploring the Causes of Fusarium Dry Rot in the Northwest, Kasia Duellman, U. of Idaho, Idaho Falls

12 noon   Adjourn, visit the tradeshow!



Cultivar Session: 2.5 Crop Management credits
Tues General Session: 0.5 Crop Management, 2.5 Pest Management
Wed General Session:1.0 Crop Mgmt, 1.0 Pest Mgmt, 0.5 Soil and Water
Thurs General Session: 2.0 Pest Mgmt, 0.5 Soil and Water

Tues 1pm-3pm: 2 Credits
Tues General Session: 3 Credits
Wed General Session: 3 Credits
Thurs General Session: 3 Credits

Idaho Pesticide Recertification Credits have been applied for.

Oregon Pesticide Recertification Credits have been applied for.