10th Washington - Oregon Potato Conference - General Session

pdfWA-OR Potato Conference Proceedings 2019

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

7:30 a.m. | Continental Breakfast – Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick

Matthew Blua, Moderator

7:55 a.m. | Welcome

8:00 a.m. | Tolerance to Heat Stress in Cold Sweetening Resistant Cultivars, Graham Ellis, WSU Pullman

8:25 a.m. | Invasive Colonization of Lygus Bugs: How can we manage spread? Silvia I. Rondon, OSU Hermiston

8:50 a.m. | National Potato Council Update, and the Latest Policy and Politics from Washington D.C., John Keeling, Washington D.C.

9:15 a.m. | My Mother is also My Father – Tales of Inbreeding and Redemption Through the Eyes of a Potato, Shelley Jansky, USDA-ARS, Madison, Wisconsin

9:40 a.m. | Break

9:55 a.m. | Lygus Feeding on Potatoes: Species Composition, Damage Symptomology, and Potential for Impact on Yield and Quality, Tim Waters, WSU Extension, Pasco

10:20 a.m. | Oregon Potato Commission Update, Bill Brewer

10:40 a.m. | Washington State Potato Commission Update, Chris Voigt

11:00 a.m. | Keynote: TBA, Pablos Holman

12:00 p.m. | Adjourn

12:00 p.m. | Hosted Potato Bar, Trade Show, Convention Center

Sagar Sathuvalli, Moderator

1:00 p.m. | Understanding the resistance response to Meloidogyne chitwoodi introgressed from Solanum bulbocastanum into cultivated potato, Sapinder Bali, OSU Hermiston

1:25 p.m. | Contributions to the Tri-State Potato Variety Program at OSU Klamath Falls, Brian Charlton, OSU Klamath Falls

1:50 p.m. | The Perspective of Oregon State University’s Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, Alan Sams, Dean, OSU College of Agricultural Sciences

2:05 p.m. | The Perspective of Washington State University’s Dean of the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences, André Wright, Dean, WSU College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences

2:20 p.m. | Evidence of Heterokaryosis in Verticillium dahliae and What It Means to Agriculture, Dennis Johnson, WSU Pullman

2:45 p.m. | Break

3:00 p.m. | Port and Shipping Industry Update: The Latest from the Northwest Seaport Alliance, John Tullis, The Northwest Seaport Alliance

3:25 p.m. | Potatoes USA Program Update and Export Figures, John Toaspern, Denver, Colorado

3:50 p.m. | Summary of Recent Research on Verticillium Management, Ken Frost, OSU Hermiston

4:15 p.m. | Adjourn.

Thursday, January 24, 2018

7:30 a.m. | Continental Breakfast – Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick

Mark Pavek, Moderator

8:00 a.m. | Welcome

8:05 a.m. | Modern Methods for Measuring Soil Moisture, Francisco Gonzalez, WSU Pullman

8:30 a.m. | Measuring Soil Health in Potato Production Systems of the Pacific Northwest, Larisa LaMere, OSU Corvallis

8:55 a.m. | Potato Starch Research at University of Idaho, Amy Lin, U of I, Moscow

9:20 a.m. | The Diversity of Streptomyces Bacteria in Potato Farming: From potential biocontrol strains to the causative agents of common scab disease, Chris Clarke, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, Maryland

9:45 a.m. | Retrospective and Current Strength of OSU’s Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Phil Hamm, OSU Hermiston

10:10 a.m. | Break

10:25 a.m. | Profiles in New Potato Insect Management, Alan Schreiber, Ag. Development Group, Eltopia, WA

10:50 a.m. | Tri-State Varieties Abroad, Jeanne Debons, PVMI, Bend, OR

11:10 a.m. | Results from Northwest-Focused Potato Psyllid Research Funded by USDA’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative, Bill Snyder, WSU Pullman

11:35 a.m. | Crop Development and Process Quality of Clearwater Russet, Rick Knowles, WSU Pullman

12:00 p.m. | Hosted Luncheon, Convention Center

Andy Jensen, Moderator

1:00 p.m. | Direction of Planting: Does it matter? Mark Pavek, WSU Pullman

1:25 p.m. | Potato Sustainability Initiative: Continuous improvement in sustainable potato production, Richard Burres, Lamb Weston, Kennewick

1:50 p.m. | Evaluating the Longevity and Efficacy of Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Columbia Basin Potato Production Systems, Tim Waters, WSU Extension, Pasco

2:15 p.m. | Break

2:30 p.m. | Effects of Environment on Potato Glycoalkaloids, Roy Navarre, USDA-ARS, Prosser, WA   

2:55 p.m. | Molecular Analysis of Insect Diets, Ken Frost, OSU Hermiston

3:20 p.m. | Studies on the Mysterious Foliar Damage in Northwest Potato in Recent Years, Kylie Swisher, USDA-ARS Prosser, WA

3:45 p.m. | Am I applying too much P? The complicated world of phosphorus recommendations, Alejandro Cruz, WSU Pullman

4:10 p.m. | Adjourn.