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The Canadian Government has now finalized a Plastics Registry, beginning on September 2025, will require the annual reporting by trade (in most cases, trade in Canada) on the quantity and types of plastics placed on the Canadian market. For U.S. suppliers, this may mean requests from Canadian importers for information to support compliance with the Federal Registry reporting requirements.  Non-resident importers (US based companies exporting to Canada and acting as the importer of record) – may also be directly subject to the reporting requirements.

Examples of plastic products subject to the reporting requirement include:

  • Plastic packaging, filled and unfilled, rigid and flexible, within the following subcategories:
    • Beverage containers
    • Food contact materials
  • Plastic products used in agriculture within the following subcategories:
    • Agricultural containers, totes and drums, bags and large tote bags
    • Clips, supports, hooks, bale wraps, bags or tubes

Further information can be found in this USDA GAIN report and on the CFIA website.



Friday, 03 May 2024