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BloomsdayMarvinThe Washington State Potato Commission (WSPC) has once again proven its commitment to promoting the benefits of potatoes for athletes by joining the Bloomsday Trade Show as a sponsor. This year, the WSPC took their support a step further by distributing nearly 4,000 pounds of potatoes to Bloomsday participants.

The Bloomsday Trade Show, an integral part of the annual Lilac Bloomsday Run held in Spokane, Washington, attracts thousands of participants and spectators every year. This year's race saw a record-breaking number of participants, with the number of runners growing from 30,000 to 35,000.

As part of their sponsorship, the WSPC set up a booth at the trade show where they handed out 1,200 bags of potatoes, totaling almost 4,000 pounds, each bag contained russets, reds and yellows for a variety the runners could enjoy.  This generous distribution not only provided participants with a nutritious post-race snack but also highlighted the importance of potatoes in a runner's diet.  This year the WSPC also partnered with WA Grown, The WA Grain Commission and the Turf Grass Commission to highlight the importance of all of these commodities in athletic events.  Washington’s Team Potato also grew in size by 21 new members who will be sporting our Powered by Potato jerseys at future events!Bloomsday1

Potatoes have long been recognized as a valuable source of energy for athletes due to their high carbohydrate content. They are also rich in potassium, which helps maintain proper muscle function and hydration levels, making them an ideal choice for replenishing energy stores after intense physical activity.

The WSPC's participation in the Bloomsday Trade Show underscores their ongoing efforts to educate consumers about the nutritional value of potatoes and to promote their consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle. By providing runners with a tasty and nutritious pre or post-race snack, the WSPC not only supports the event but also contributes to the overall well-being of the participants.





Wednesday, 08 May 2024