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The record amount of $2.1 Billion in sales of potatoes exported in 2022 can be attributed to global price hikes and inflation. Overall, the volume of sales declined by 4.2% but the value potato exports rose 11% since 2021. Potato export values rose across all potato types including fresh, frozen, dehydrated, seed and chips. Lower sales volumes can be attributed to the tight supply of potato product. The largest markets for U.S. potatoes were Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

  • In 2022, U.S. frozen potato exports increased 13.8% and volume sold decreased -2.5% from the previous year. Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and the Philippines were the largest markets for U.S. frozen potatoes.
  • Canada, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan accounted for the top export markets for fresh potatoes but decreased in most markets with the exception of Mexico which realized a 10% increase in shipments due to the expanded market access. Overall, U.S. potato sales in 2022 realized sales of $287 million which represented a 9% increase from 2021. Shipment volumes, however, showed a decrease of 9.7% which included chipping and table stock potatoes.
  • Dehydrated potatoes accounted for $217.6 million in sales for 2022 which represented a 1.1% increase in value from the previous year. Volume of dehydrated shipments declined 3.2% from 2021. Interestingly, exports to Canada and the United Kingdom increased from 2021, while exports to both Mexico and Japan decreased.
  • In 2022, seed potato export sales amounted to $16.3 million, a 28.8% increase from 2021, and potato chip export sales realized $211.6 million, a 2.2% increase from 2021.

The biggest challenge for U.S. potato exports was maintaining a consistent supply but the global demand for U.S. potatoes remained strong due to preference of the product by importers, foodservice operators and retailers.

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Friday, 14 April 2023