Reporting of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Rule announcement notice: Chapter 173-441 WAC, Reporting of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

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The Department of Ecology is beginning rulemaking to amend Chapter 173-441 WAC – Reporting of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases, as directed by Section 33 of the Climate Commitment Act (CCA).

In 2021, the legislature passed the CCA, which establishes a cap and invest program to achieve Washington’s greenhouse gas (GHG) limits by 2050. Ecology will be undertaking three separate rulemakings to address the first set of requirements. This rulemaking will consider amending Chapter 173-441 WAC to expand persons subject to reporting and improve reporting requirements. Specifically, this rulemaking may:

  • Add natural gas suppliers, carbon dioxide suppliers, and electric power entities to the existing GHG reporting program.
  • Replace the transportation fuel supplier program with a CCA-compatible fuel supplier program.
  • Update GHG reporting requirements to support the CCA and facilitate program linkage with other jurisdictions.
  • Add program elements to support the verification of GHG reporting data.
  • Modify administrative provisions such as deadlines and GHG reporting fees.
  • Include requirements necessary to support the above items, the overall objectives of the statute or chapter, or the goals of the CCA.
  • Make administrative changes for correction or clarification.

Why are we doing this rulemaking?

The CCA (E2SSB 5126) amends Chapter 173-441 WAC to support new CCA requirements. Around 75 percent of the emissions included in the cap and invest program are currently not reported or are reported using methods inconsistent with the CCA. Ecology will create an accurate system for reporting GHGs by adding new businesses to the program, improving data verification processes, and modifying reporting requirements and reporting fees.

How can I stay informed about this rulemaking?

  • Attend our online stakeholder meeting on July 22, 2021:
  • Read the rulemaking announcement (CR-101) for details about this rulemaking.
  • Visit the rulemaking webpage for the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule.
  • Join our AQ Rule and SIP Updates distribution list (listserv) to receive updates for this and all other Ecology air quality rulemakings and implementation plans .
  • Sign up to receive email notices about this rulemaking
  • Contact Rachel Assink at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (360) 407-6827 for general questions or to request a hard copy of the rule documents.



Friday, 09 July 2021