Potatoes Linked to Higher Quality Diet in Adolescents

on Friday, 20 August 2021. Posted in Blog & News

Potatoes Linked to Higher Quality Diet in Adolescents

It is well-known that American youth between two and 19 years-old have the lowest measures of diet quality compared to other age groups. Nutritionists have sought effective strategies to reverse this trend and improve adherence to dietary recommendations. Now, new research published in Nutrients found that U.S. adolescents who eat potatoes have higher quality diets than those who do not consume potatoes, regardless of how the potatoes are processed or prepared. Compared to no potato consumption, results showed that eating potatoes in any form (baked, boiled, mashed, in mixed dishes and fried) was associated with higher intakes of several essential nutrients, including dietary fiber and potassium – two nutrients of public health concern – and improved nutrient adequacy. 

Read the complete news release here, and find the research published in Nutrients here

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