Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day everyone! Here in Washington State, our potato growers go out of their way to help protect and preserve the environment so their fields and our lives can be as healthy as possible. 99% of the farms in Washington are family-owned. As stewards of the land-soil health and resource preservation is more important than ever to growers, so they can keep their farms going for generations to come. So how do growers work to preserve our environment?

-By finding clean sources of energy generation -By using less water than ever before -By incorporating the use of integrated pest management -By using efficient machinery to reduce amounts of Carbon Dioxide

These innovative steps and the many others, show the passion Washington state potato growers have for our environment. These actions ensure that our communities will have the opportunity to consume nutritious, affordable produce for years to come. On this Earth Day, we challenge you to thank those who take the time to care for our planet and its precious resources!



Wednesday, 22 April 2020

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