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Farming Families
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No matter who you are, there is almost always some sort of experience that sticks out in your mind from your childhood. Several of my standout memories revolve around agriculture and farming. Growing up with a Dad and Grandad who were both Washington Potato Farmers, gave me an opportunity to experience things that many others didn’t get to. Even though I was probably more trouble than actual help, my Dad would take me and my little red shovel out to go change water with him. I’ll never forget the countless trips out to the farm with my Dad, so that he didn’t have to go check the fields alone. Over the years, it became evident that Farmers not only in Washington, but likely across the world have a phenomenal work ethic and commitment to their jobs. Farmers sacrifice so many activities and take many risks to provide our world with quality products. I cannot begin to tell you how many softball tournaments, parties and other events my father has had to miss out on because he had to stay home and watch the potato fields all summer long. There is no such thing as a sick or off day for a Farmer during their crop season. I will always be grateful to both my Dad and Grandad for the sacrifices they have made for not only our family, but also for our community and providing us with the highest quality potatoes possible. – Tressa Radach



Thursday, 04 January 2018

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