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The Washington State Potato Commission (WSPC) in cooperation with the IMPACT Center located at Washington State University measured the economic impact of potato production and subsequent potato processing in Washington State. The farm gate value of Washington potatoes in 2022 came in at approximately $876.9 million. The total value of finished potato products exported amounted to $3.24 billion. That money flowed through the sector supply chains within Washington, generating nearly $2.58 billion in additional indirect business-to-business transactions. Wages and salaries from the Washington State potato sector resulted in $1.5 billion. Total economic output dependent on the potato sector amounted to over $7.35 billion. Those transactions supported roughly 31,613 jobs within the economy, 12,508 of which were directly supported in the production and processing sector.

The Washington State potato sector, supported by potato farming and processing result in $69.1 million in property taxes, $147.31 million in sales and excise taxes, and $38.26 million in corporate and other miscellaneous taxes. Total state and local governments collected $254.67 million in tax revenue directly dependent on the potato sector of the state. When compared to the associated gross state product, the potato sector pays 111% in taxes relative to the effective state tax rate. Washington’s potato crop is valuable to the State because it brings new money into the economy via exporting product. Most of those exports, 78%, are sent to Asia (predominantly Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan). Another 12% are exported within North America. Australia and South/Central America receive the remaining 10%. Washington State continues to be a leader in national potato production and is the U.S. leader in potato processing and is an important sector to the heath of Washington State’s economy.



Monday, 24 April 2023