Cheesy Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes

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Cheesy Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes
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Air fryer breakfast potatoes with bell peppers topped with cheese are great with eggs, or make breakfast for dinner some night! Cheap and full of flavor. Have you tried making air fryer breakfast potatoes yet?? There’s tons of flexibility to these. Add onions and bell peppers or not. Smother with cheese or leave plain with just salt and pepper. Either way it’s a favorite air fryer recipe here at our house. Sponsored by Washington Potatoes.

One thing you can always find in your local grocery store, no matter what time of year, would be Washington potatoes! From russets to red potatoes, yellow, or the petite variety, they are just SO versatile! Do NOT remove those potato skins though, you’ll lose all those great nutrients!! You also want them to stay firmer than you would if making mashed potatoes, this helps too.

Why should you eat potato skins? They really help support a healthy gut because of the fiber they contain. Eating them increases feelings of being full and satiated too. If you’re looking to get the most nutrition out of your russet, sweet, or red potatoes keep the peel on!!

What nutrients are in potato skins? Cooked potatoes with skin are a good source of potassium and vitamin c. They also contain moderate amounts of protein and fiber, are naturally gluten free and almost fat free. We leave them on in our potato corn chowder too and they’re out of this world. Let me show you what I mean by this…..We have tons of different potato recipe ideas here on The Typical Mom blog. Why? Because you can bake them, put them on your smoker, and make a lot of different recipes in your air fryer too. From easy air fryer potato ideas, to our oven baked potato casserole we made the other day, our slow cooker cheesy potatoes and these dill air fryer red potatoes we love with meatloaf, we love them all so much.

Now we are making diced potatoes in an air fryer to start our busy day. You can add ALL THE THINGS to them, like we do, or leave them plain as a side dish. Yes you could do a bit more prep work and soften your green peppers too. If you choose to do so, this is how to blanch bell peppers. I tend to be in a hurry when using my hot air machine so I don’t bother.

These are breakfast potato ingredients you will need:

Russet potatoes

leave skins on, dice so they’re all the same size


Green onion

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Large bowl to mix potatoes, peppers and onions

Cheese is optional

but really to me it is a must

You can add other things to your breakfast potatoes in the air fryer such as:

Red onions

Garlic powder

Halved mushrooms

Mix diced potatoes

use some red potatoes too

or yellow

Feel free to add diced chives and/or green onions inside or sprinkle on top with cheese

Ok so once you have all your ingredients mixed together, you’re going to want to preheat your air fryer and cook. 400 degrees is the optimal temperature to get nicely fried potatoes in under 30 minutes.

How the cook time is going to vary:

The larger you dice your vegetables and potatoes, the longer it will take.

You can make different types of breakfast potatoes

use red potatoes vs. russets but it will take a bit longer to get tender.

yellow potatoes will be of similar cook times

You’re going to want to shake the contents inside your air fryer basket every 5 minutes for optimal results.

If you’ve air fried everything you know this to be true

It gives food a chance to rotate and get crispy on all sides

Total time to make air fryer potatoes is from 15 minutes to 25 minutes or so.

Remove and enjoy with eggs and/or ketchup once they’re as crunchy and tender on the inside as you desire.

Yes you could make a version similar to this in your pressure cooker. They won’t be crispy though, but you should try them both! Our Instant Pot cheesy bacon potatoes are here for you to enjoy too. Yes!! Try our air fryer breakfast too some morning. It is more of an omelet than anything else and packed with bacon and peppers is a great start to every morning. Think outside of the box and try all the things in your new hot air machine my friends. If you want to stick with traditional baked potatoes those are fabulous too. Even better than baking them in your oven I tell you. You know that crunchy, salty outside with tender fluffy insides you get at restaurants? THIS is how you can do the same thing right at home.

Looking for more recipes using potatoes like our low carb air fryer breakfast peppers? There are endless possibilities using a variety of different Washington potatoes! Want more easy air fryer recipes like this one? Sign up for my newsletter and get them weekly via. email.



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