2019 Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

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2019 Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon
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On June 7-8th WSPC Staff and Commissioners were at it again exhibiting at the 2019 Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. The purpose of this event is to come together and raise money to support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Runners enjoyed great views across the city, and some runners got to sport some Powered by Potatoes swag. As a sponsor, WSPC had the opportunity to share information, recipes, athletic gear and bags of fresh potatoes with runners from across the Country. Our free produce bags filled with high-quality Washington spuds were a crowd favorite that we couldn’t keep them on the tables for long! WSPC staff and Commissioners also passed out fanny packs, bandanas, cooling towels, blender bottles and more. Many of the athletes we spoke with were surprised and excited to hear all the health benefits potatoes have to offer. Potatoes contain no fat, cholesterol, sodium, or gluten, making them the perfect superfood for athletes!  On Saturday we were excited to hear from all the participants that enjoyed potatoes from our potato produce bags for their dinners the night before.  Potatoes are the perfect pre/post-race snack and can be used in place of things like energy gel when competing in athletic events. Check out the Nutrition and Lifestyle tab on our website to learn more about how potatoes can benefit your health!



Wednesday, 19 June 2019

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